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Books from Me Third Publications

Books from Me Third Publications are true to the Word of God. The Bible study notebooks come from Dr. Whiddon’s 35+ years as a preacher, his work with Jr. High kids in the Christian School environment, and his experience in teaching college-level courses at Christian Colleges.

His writings on marriage and family come from his vast experience in marriage and family counseling. God’s Word is lifted up in all of the publications. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. Bob Whiddon, Jr. delivers an inspiring book about the ups and downs of relationships. IT COVERS THINGS THAT ALWAYS GO WRONG IN A MARRIAGE AS WELL AS PROBLEMS THAT MOST COUPLES FACE THROUGH THE YEARS. DR. WHIDDON OFFERS TO THE READERS THE WARNING SIGNS OF POSSIBLE PROBLEMS and what to do when things become difficult. Also included in this package is a CD of Dr. Bob Whiddon Jr’s first session of his highly successful Marriage Workshop.
Surviving The Marriage Fog: Books from Me Third Publications$19.99

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Featured Book: “From Children To Brethren . . .
How do I know when my child is ready for baptism?”

From Childeren To Brothern

This book attempts to answer this hard question. In the pages of this book you will find that there are no special rules for children. There is no magic age defined in Scripture when a child should be baptized. But the reader will not be left hanging. Answers to this great question, and more, are found here.